Maximize Effectiveness of Your Remote Team

Create high-performance teams regardless of location!

When observing your team's interaction,

do you notice . . . 

  • Open communication?

    Teamwork includes every member whenever questions arise.  Even the least experienced person contributes and is heard.

  • Encouragement to excel?

    Positive reinforcement comes from all levels and guides decisions by rewarding superior results and initiative.

  • Full Engagement?

    Expectations are set and understood for all team members. When issues arise, solutions are offered without criticism.

  • Continual Improvement?

    Improvement comes through continual efforts by all team members to reduce errors and refine processes.

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Constant travel to visit my remote teams had become an exhausting approach to leading across two continents.  Once I discovered that leadership happened through trust and accountability, my teams discovered methods to demonstrate performance in each location.  Together we excelled and became trusted to get the job done.  Your team can exceed all expectations, too.

John Clarson

Remote Executive Leader

Every remote team has work to complete while maintaining performance standards to support the business.  Leaders face challenges that span from morale to technology and everything between.    Without effort, the veil between the leader and the team can become a wall of silence.  Mialei understands your challenges from her own experience with amazing teams.

Mialei J. Iske

Customer Support

Remote Leader

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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